Moore Academy

Moore Academy is an educational platform of Moore abc, one of the leading business consulting firms in Georgia. The Academy offers workshops, trainings, webinars and other knowledge and experience-sharing events to individuals, companies and organizations through innovative and practical approaches.

Mission: To share the best available knowledge and practical skills that help people and companies thrive in the changing world
Objectives: The Objectives of the Academy are:
  • Knowledge and experience sharing
  • Connect people and increasing collaboration
  • Optimize learning and experience-sharing for growth and advancement
  • Enhance knowledge partnerships across sectors and industries
Courses and Events: Moore Academy offers the following courses, workshops and events:
  • Accounting
  • IFRS for SMEs
  • Tax Code
  • Audit
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • MS Office Programs
  • Thematic and tailored workshops and discussions
  • Joint events with other partners